Here are top interesting facts about Nebraska:

#1 Located in the western north-central U.S., this state ranks 16th in size among the 51 states with a total area of 200,520 square kilometers (77,354 square miles).

#2 On March 1, 1867, this territory was incorporated into the Union. There are 6 states that border this one – Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri, and Iowa. The state can be divided into 2 main regions – the Great Plains and the Dissected Till Plains.

#3 The name “Nebraska” was derived from the Oto Indian term translating as “flat river”  and it refers to the Platte River which is 310 mi (500 km) long.

#4 The state’s nickname used to be the “Tree Planter State” but in 1945 was changed to the ”Cornhusker State.“

#5 The state’s motto is ”Equality before the law.”

Lincoln – the capital of Nebraska

#6 The city of Lincoln is the capital of the state and the 2nd largest city with a population of 276,654 (in 2016). The population has a good rate of growth, making it one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the Midwest.

#7 It was founded in 1856 as the village of Lancaster and in 1859 became the county seat of the newly created Lancaster County.

#8 The 911 system (which is presently used nationwide) of emergency communications was developed and 1st used in this city.

#9 University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s Elephant Hall has the largest mammoth fossil showcased anywhere in the world. The giant mammoth was found in 1922, in Lincoln County, by a rancher and his wife. It is from the Late Pleistocene Era.

Electoral votes           

#10 This state has 5 electoral votes, as it has 2 Senators and 3 Congressional districts.

#11 It has the only unicameral legislature in the US, meaning that it has a single-house system.

Weird laws

#12 If a child expels gas during church service, his parent may be arrested.

#13 Men aren’t allowed to run around with shaved chests.


#14 The state flag has a deep blue field with the state seal in the center, pictured in silver and gold. The present design was adopted in 1925, although an initial design in 1921 from a renowned architect based in New York was refused.

Omahaomaha facts

#15 The largest city is Omaha and is located on the Missouri River, about 15 km (10 miles) north of the mouth of the Platte River. This city has a vibrant nightlife, concentrated around the Historic Old Market district.

#16 O’Neill – the “Irish capital of Nebraska,” hosts one of the best St. Patrick’s Day festivals in the US, with dancers, music, and a horse that’s painted green and paraded around town.

#17 In 1895, goldenrod was designated the official state flower.

#18 This state has the United State’s largest underground water supply, the Ogalala aquifer. Currently, more than 90% of the water extracted is used in agriculture. If drained, it would take more than 6,000 years to refill naturally.

#19 Here you can find the largest hand-planted forest in the United States, covering 141,159 acres of land. Part of the National Forest system since the 1950’s, the forest’s current nursery supplies more than 3 million seedlings every year.

#20 Bailey Yard in North Platte (the yard is named after former Union Pacific president Edd H. Bailey), situated on 2,850 acres of land spanning 8 miles, is the world’s largest train yard. Every 24 hours, Bailey Yard handles around 10,000 railroad cars.

#21 It ranks 16th nationally in total wetland acres and ranks tenth nationally in the number of stream miles, including its main river systems.

#22 In 2014, this state ranked 4th in the United State for commercial red meat production. Other commodities include calves, cattle, soybeans, corn, hay, dry edible beans, and wheat.

#23 Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in in 1872. Events include exhibitions, communal tree planting, music performances, fairs, and open days in garden centers.Arbor Day facts

#24 During the Civil War, in 1862, the Homestead Act offered 160-acre parcels of land to people in exchange for farming the land for minimum 5 years.

#25 On football game days, the Memorial Stadium becomes the 3rd largest city in the state, holding over 90,000 people. The Cornhuskers have been one of the most dedicated fan bases for over 50 years, with more than 320 consecutive sold out games.Memorial Stadium facts

#26 The Lied Jungle, opened in 1992 at the Henry Doorly Zoo, is the world’s largest indoor rainforest. The Lied Jungle is 80 feet tall, about the same as an 8-story building. Tapirs, monkeys, pygmy hippos, and macaws are just a few of the animals you will see in here.

#27 There are 5 army forts open to the public in this state – Kearny, Atkinson, Sidney, Hartsuff, and Robinson.

#28 The Carhenge, a replica of the English Stonehenge, is located just north of Alliance. However, instead of being built with large standing stones, it is formed from old American automobiles.

Famous people

#29 Marlon Brando was born on April 3, 1924, in Omaha. He became an acting legend with memorable roles in “The Godfather,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and “Apocalypse Now.”

#30 Fred Astaire was born Frederick Austerlitz in Omaha on May 10, 1899.

#31 Dick Cheney is also born in this state. He is an American businessman and politician who, under President George W. Bush, was the 46th Vice President of the U.S. from 2001 to 2009.

#32 Warren Buffett was born in 1930 in Omaha. He is an investment master and one of the richest businessmen in the world.

#33 Gerald Ford was the only US president born in this state.


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