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Maya Bay – Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand – The Most Beautiful Beach

Maya Bay - Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand - The Most Beautiful Beach

Maya Bay is a legendary beach in Ko Phi Phi Lee island, Thailand, that became famous after “The Beach” movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. The beach is situated in the Andaman Sea, approximately 30km off the Thai coast.

It is so popular that on any given day, at any given time (frequently between 10am and 4pm when all the boats from Krabi and Phuket are also visiting), there can be up to 50 + longtail boats and speedboats on the beach. For this reason, the beach is no longer a secluded paradise.

When to visit Maya Bay beach – Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand?

The best time to visit this location is between December and April, during the high season when the seas are calm and access to the bay is quite easy. Rough seas from May to October may hinder access but rarely deny entry. Try to visit early in the morning (05:00) or after 18:00 and you’ll avoid the crowds.

There is usually a National Park entry fee of 200 baht. Most tours include it in the price of the trip.

You can hire a longtail from the main island of Phi Phi Don and they will bring you to Maya Bay and Phi Phi Ley. Private boats can be rented for about 1500 (50$) baht for up to 4 people and around 3-4 hour tour.

No one is allowed to spend the night on the beach, it’s only a day trip destination. There are no buildings on the island besides the bathrooms and one small snack stand.

Amazing Blue Waters of Maya Bay, The Beach Phi Phi Islands
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