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Rabbit Beach Lampedusa, Italian Pelagie Islands

Rabbit Beach Lampedusa, Italian Pelagie Islands

Lampedusa is the largest island of the Italian Pelagie Islands (an island group that includes Lampione and Linosa islets) in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is only 12 km long and 3 km wide and is entirely volcanic. Lampedusa island is arid and gets its only fresh water from rainfall.

The island’s western and northern coast is rather inaccessible and high, while its southeastern and eastern shores boast amazing sandy beaches. Tourism, agriculture, and fishing are the main industries.

Nevertheless, the island is primarily known for illegal immigration that it has suffered from in the recent years. From January to April 2015, about 1600 migrants died on the route from Libya to Lampedusa, making it the deadliest migrant route in the world.

What to do in Lampedusa island?

The island is quite lush and is rich in local fauna and flora. Additionally, there are numerous different nature and hiking trails around the island, and it is quite popular for scuba diving since there are a few diving sites around the island.

Rabbit Beach

In 2013 Rabbit Beach, located on the Rabbit Island (Isola dei Conigli), only 328 feet from the Lampedusa coast, over a stretch of water just a little over 3 meters deep, was voted the world’s best beach by travel site TripAdvisor for its crystal clear water and aquamarine colors.

This beach is all you ever wanted to see with your own eyes. A perfect mixture of nature and incredible colors, plus when you walk in the middle of the sea and look around, it is even clearer and bluer than in a brand new swimming pool.

The most beautiful little islands of Italy rabbit beach lampedusa
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Rabbit island is, ironically, not home to an overwhelming rabbit population, but you’ll find plenty of loggerhead turtles and other wildlife roaming free in the rocky grottos. This is why the place is a nature reserve and law prohibits building houses in these areas.

The sea surrounding the island is relatively shallow. The waters are warm most of the year, the highest temperatures were recorded in August, typically 27 to 28 °C.

When to visit Rabbit Beach Lampedusa, Italy?

The best holiday periods are from May to October, because they are not so hot during this time of the year.

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