Bigar waterfall, or as locals call it “Coronini” and “the miracle from the Minis Canyon”, it is a part of the Minis River and is situated in Caraş-Severin County in southwestern Romania.

This wonderful waterfall is included, along with seven other waterfalls in different countries, in a top of unique waterfalls in the world, made by journalists from The World Geography.

Unlike more roaring falls, this amazing waterwork flows over the apex of a fat, rounded stone, and is diverted into a sheet of countless small streams that issue from the bottom of the stone which juts out over the basin below.

The rocky base of the waterfall is dominated by green vegetation and it has a wider base giving it a pretty original, unique and appealing appearance.

There is also a small cave that waits to be discovered, a tall hole carved into the hard rock. To enter it you must cross the icy river barefoot and climb a latter made of rope and sticks.

Note – the water from Bigar’s root is not drinkable and has a high content of chalk (a form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite).

How to get to Bigar Waterfall – Caras-Severin, Romania?

The waterfall is situated near Resita and Anina towns. Take the national road 57 B, between Oravita and Bozovici villages, to 45 Parallel. Bigar waterfall is just next to the route and no hiking is needed.

You can also visit Cheile Nerei (Nera Gorges) – Beușnița National Park, 36,758 hectares of uniqueness and diversity. In addition, one of the oldest and most famous spas in Romania, called Baile Herculane, is also located in Caras-Severin County.

Tourists can enjoy mountain climbing, river rafting, canyoning, waterfall descents, snowboarding, paintball, biking and motorbiking, scientific tourism, spa tourism, and railroad tourism on the oldest railroad in the country, the Anina-Oravita route.bigar cascade falls in caras severin romania


There is a sad and a beautiful legend at the same time. Once, there lived a peasant family on this territory. They were very unhappy because they couldn’t have children.

In one vivid night, the woman dreamt a gypsy witch who told her the only way she could get pregnant is if she drank water from the magic spring beneath the rock located at the border between the worlds.

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But there was a sad stipulation – if a girl is born, she must never fall in love as it would also mean her death.

The witch prophecy worked. When the girl reached girlhood, she fell in love with a young man named Bigăr.

As in a fairy tale, parents tried to save the girl from the evil fate and father decided to lock the girl in a cave. The girl cried with grief, and the gypsy witch, who prophesied her destiny, heard her cries.

The witch told the girl that she couldn’t release her from the cave, but would help her to reunite with her beloved, and thus give an end to their sufferings.

So the witch turned the girl’s hair, on which her tears fell, into an amazing waterfall, and the wind brought Bigăr to her. He has drowned in her tears and hence their destinies were forever united.

Other Amazing Waterfalls

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