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Fungo Di Lacco Ameno aka The Mushroom Rock – Italy

Fungo Di Lacco Ameno aka The Mushroom Rock - Italy

What and where is the Fungo or The Mushroom Rock?

The “Fungo” (also known the ”mushroom rock”) is located off the coast of Lacco Ameno, the smallest town on the Italian island of Ischia, resembling a colossal fungus.

The rock outcrop gained its present shape through hundred of years of wind and sea erosion. The waters lapped against the lower portion of the spire but never reaching the top, and in the course of time creating a sort of stem for the bulbous summit.

Lacco Ameno is a small town situated in the northwest of the island of Ischia, in the Metropolitan City of Naples off the west coast of Italy. This small but beautiful Italian town has a population of around 4,800 inhabitants.

You can also visit the Museum of Santa Restituta here, which houses many interesting prehistorical findings and Greek ceramics from the 8th-2nd centuries BC. Moreover, Lacco Ameno is home to an eleventh-century church, built over a pre-existing Palaeo-Christian edifice.

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