Madakaripura is a sacred visiting area comprising lines of waterfalls. To be more exact, the Madakaripura area is a set of seven amazing waterfalls and is the biggest waterfall in East Java.

Madakaripura waterfall is not far from Bromo area, and it is located in Sapih village, Lombang district, East Java, Indonesia.

This sensational waterfall, hidden at the end of a deep mystique valley in the foothills of the Tengger range, has the magical power, and according to the information of local people, when people bathe in the waterfall, they can stay young and healthy, plus it can cure some skin diseases.

The waterfall is also called “the last residence of Gadjah Mada“ (a powerful military leader). According to a legend, the 60-year-old prime minister dissolved in the air near a waterfall. He has not been found by the emperor or by anyone else.

How to get to Madakaripura Waterfall?

This riveting waterfall is commonly included in the day trip after watching the sunrise from Mt Bromo (2,329 m is one of the most iconic mountains in Indonesia) and hike the crater. About 30 minutes drive away from Bromo national park, the waterfall is only accessible by private vehicle. Another way to get to the waterfall is to rent a car from Malang or Surabaya.

After arriving at the main square, where you will see toilet, food and parking facilities, continue walking inwards for about 20-25 minutes until you see the waterfalls. There is only one path leading to the waterfall area. The entire walkway is a valley between the mountains and the view is simply stunning.

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Best times to visit

Visit this unique place right after the rainy season, between the months of June – September. Don’t visit this place during the rainy season! Best hours – 10am – 12pm, when you can see rainbows due to the reflection of the sun rays.

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The entrance fee

The standard price to get into the waterfall site is Rp. 11.000,00. You will also have to pay for the parking service (if you bring your own vehicle).


Expect to get wet even with the raincoats. If you intend to take a bath in this place, bring a change of clothes. Prepare yourself with plastic bags to wrap the bag/camera/wallet, because you will pass the first waterfall before heading to the main waterfall. Do not wear flip flops, wear sandals instead.