Skógafoss waterfall (with translates as the Forest fall) is a popular visitor destination on the South coast of Iceland, which constantly produces a spray that usually creates a single or double rainbow on sunny days. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 82 feet (25 metres) and a drop of 200 ft (60 m).

This waterfall is triangular in shape and the area around the waterfall is a tranquil spot for leisurely sightseeing. A walk up the 183 stair steps beside the waterfall makes it an amazing experience. The view from the top out to sea is spectacular, particularly under the midnight sun. You could spend 30 minutes at the falls, but, if you climb the stairs and hike along the river, you could spend up to two hours.

According to legend, the first Viking settler in the area, Prasi Porolfsson, buried a treasure in a cave behind the Skógafoss waterfall. The treasure was found by the locals many years later. However, they only managed to take hold of the ring on the side before the chest vanished again.

How to get to Skógafoss waterfall, Iceland? 

It is 28km east of Seljalandsfoss, one of the best-known waterfalls in Iceland. The waterfall is visible from the Ring road and the parking is just one km from Road number 1.  GPS: 63°31’44.4″N 19°30’47.0″W. Additionally, it is a 2-hour drive from Reykjavik. Hotel Skogafoss is next to the parking. There is a coffee shop on the site and camping is allowed.

What else to do?

Aside from the millions of gallons of glacial melt-water cascading over this huge cliff, Skogafoss offers hiking trails for the adventurous visitor, in the dramatic landscape south of Eyjafjallajökull, both along the beach and up into the mountains. At the eastern side of the waterfall, a hiking and trekking trail leads up to the pass Fimmvörðuháls between the glaciers Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. It goes down to Porsmork on the other side and continues as the famous Laugavegur to Landmannalaugar.hotel skogafoss iceland golden circle tour

Moreover, the marvelous Seljalandsfoss waterfall is 28 km further west and Landeyjahöfn harbour, from where the ferry to Vestmannaeyjar (‘the Westman Islands‘) departs, is 41 km away.The Beautiful Skógafoss Waterfall and the Legend of the Treasure


If you are travelling that way in July/August my recommendation is to get there either between 8-9 o’clock in the morning or later at night after 21h. You’ll still have more than enough daylight at the time to enjoy the view and fewer people around.