About an hour and a half’s drive north of Cape Town (South Africa), Langebaan’s lagoon is a treasure if just for its warm water (a great boon along South Africa’s west coast, which is more known for its icy ocean temperatures).

This fantastic lagoon was created by the rising and falling of sea levels during pre-historic times. This is unlike most lagoons which form where fresh water rivers enter the sea. As a consequence, Langebaan Lagoon in South Africa is purely a salt water lagoon.

The region is rich in historical events from the first settlers, the Khoikhoi and San (“real people”), to the arrival of the Europeans. The first European to set foot on land was the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama at St Helena Bay on the West Coast Peninsula in 1497.

What can you do in Langebaan Lagoon?

The gorgeous white sand beaches and beautiful rock formations surrounding the clear waters of the Langebaan Lagoon are one of the main attractions. The mild climate and protected waters of the lagoon make Langebaan suitable for kitesurfing, sailing, kayaking, plus the town offers many other holiday facilities for water sports enthusiasts.

Rent a beach cottage or just do a day visit; either way, remember the sun block and beach umbrellas.

During flower season in August-September, it can be busy as the reserve erupts with colour and pulls crowds in, but the little beaches along the lagoon tend to remain calm and quiet.

Langebaan Mussel Festival

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Bird-watchers visit the area to view the over 300 species of birds found in the lagoon waters of the West Coast National Park. Wildlife in the park includes large antelope such as eland, bontebok, red hartebeest, kudu, gemsbok, mountain zebra, steenbok, duiker and ostriches in the Postberg section. Whales can be spotted during October and November.

Large-scale sporting events such as triathlons, cycling, marathons, the downwind dash, car gymkhanas and more are held here.

A monthly craft market as well as art exhibitions through the year, showcase the talents of local artists. From September to October – Langebaan Mussel Festival takes place with lots of activities and exhibitions on offer.

Luxury Beach Holidays In Langebaan south africa

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