Schinoussa is a small island south of Naxos (a landmass of just 8,5 square kilometers), between Heraklia and Koufonissia, known for its stony landscape that is both unspoiled and beautiful.

The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue waters. It is part of the Minor Cyclades group of islands (about 220 islands) and has just three villages: Messaria, Chora (Hora) and Mersini.

The island’s port, Mersini, once a hideout for pirates, is now a haven for small boats and a crowded mooring spot for sailing enthusiasts.

What to do in Schinoussa island?

While on the island, don’t miss a walk through the picturesque village of Chora and enjoy hiking to observe the unspoiled natural beauty of the island.

Moreover, you can take a boat ride to Koufonisia which is only half an hour away from Schinoussa island or to Heralkia, which you can reach by a leisurely swim since it only takes 10 minutes. It is also quite interesting to visit the small castle in Fountana area.

Schinoussa is ideal for mild walking over cobbled paths which will take you to tranquil and meditative mystic places and picturesque bays with crystal clear waters.

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Fifteen unique and magical beaches (many beaches on this island are difficult to reach because of the track roads, so you need to walk to get there) with crystalline waters, rounded hills and a mild summer climate even in winter compose the inimitable picture of the island. Most beautiful beaches include Gero-Limionas, Almyros, Fontana, Livadi, Sifneiko, Tsigouri and Lioliou.


If your stress has reached critical mass (54% of Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their day to day lives), this small island might be a good idea to get out of dodge and take a mini-vacation.

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