Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are both the most awaited days of the year. So, if you are ready for a great Christmas escape, try one of these cities in Europe. Also, in many of the following destinations, there’s even a good chance of snow.

Here are top 11 most beautiful Christmas destinations in Europe:

#1 London, England

Everyone dreams of London. This is one of the most Christmas spectacular destination. It is in fact, a dream come true to celebrate Christmas in London. For instance, Hyde Park is a must-see landmark of London, with more than 100 attractions and rides on site, there’s something for everyone.

#2 Strasbourg, France

The Christkindelsmärik (market of the Infant Jesus) dates back to 1570, making it the oldest in France, and even the towering fir tree on the Place Kleber is a 400-year-old custom.

Furthermore, the Christkindelsmärik was chosen as the “Best Christmas Market in Europe” two years in a row by European Best Destinations. Don’t miss bredele, a local specialty festive biscuit that comes in flavors such as cinnamon and orange.

#3 Prague, Czech Republic

Nothing beats having a cup of hot gluhwein as you wander the streets of Prague as the tourists flock the city during Christmas in huge number. Also, chestnuts will be roasting on an open fire in Prague as this city feels like it was built specifically for this time of the year, thanks to gothic architecture, narrow medieval alleyways and yes, good odds for snowfall.

Ladies frequently wear their traditional dress and fry trdelník, a sugary Czech pastry. In addition, if you’re here in early December, you might catch the arrival of the Czech Santa Claus, Mikulas.

#4 Vienna, Austria

Vienna is usually referred to as one of the most beautiful country capitals in Europe and even the world, and during this holiday, it is a truly magical time to visit.

The city hosts the oldest and largest Christmas market in Austria in front of its elaborate town hall, and it is known for its imperial palaces, such as Schönbrunn, where you can find the Christmas and cultural market.

#5 Tallinn, Estonia

As one of the most picturesque and prettiest Christmas destinations in Europe, Tallinn’s medieval old town transforms into a true Christmas wonderland. Here, the Christmas tree has been set up in Town Hall Square since 1441, making it (as far as we know) the 1st Christmas tree ever put on display in Europe.

Santa Claus makes an appearance in the evening, along with his 2 elves Scrabble and Scribble, much to the delight of the kids.

#6 Sibiu, RomaniaSibiu, Romania Christmas market

Initially called Hermannstadt, the European capital of culture in 2007, Sibiu was founded over 800 years ago by German settlers and it’s surrounded by well-preserved 15th-century fortifications.

The magical Sibiu Christmas Market commonly has different holiday themes organized weekly, during which the Christmas lights change their colors. For instance, a red week, a yellow week, a green week, or a blue week. Additionally, there are many workshops for children who can learn how to bake sweet treats, make candles, or small pottery objects.

#7 St. Moritz, Switzerland

If you’re truly after a Christmas of adventure, wonder, and romance, then look no further than the Swiss Alps. St. Moritz, which has been called the playground of the famous and rich, particularly over the holiday season. Hint – this majestic town is definitely no budget destination. Also, St. Moritz has hosted the Winter Olympics on 2 occasions.

#8 Hamburg, Germany

For sheer diversity, Hamburg is hard to beat among all other Christmas destinations in Germany. This town is a chilled out, reflective and easy going place, but also a youthful and energetic place when you want it to be, at the same time.

#9 Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is considerably less expensive than Hamburg. Here, you can find the ice skating, which is illuminated by the nearby St Stephen’s Basilica, whose smaller Christmas market features a laser show on its neoclassical facade.

Moreover, there are also numerous folklore-themed performances, children’s workshops, choir singing, and possibly an appearance of Santa Claus.

#10 Reykjavik, IcelandReykjavik, Iceland Christmas

Reykjavik is a charming city during the Christmas time where the beauty of winter is on full display with lights twinkling from every tree, festive ice skaters gliding across frozen Tjornin pond, and colorfully adorned window shops filled with Christmas cheer.

More importantly, the city squares come alive with concerts and extravagant illuminations, which makes for an authentic and enjoyable holiday scene.

#11 Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Due to the snowy nature of Rovaniemi, there’s an important opportunity to pursue some amazing arctic activities. These vary from watching Santa Claus’s elves in action, preparing gifts for children around the world, to taking a ride on a reindeer sleigh.

Other interesting activities include the Sirmakko reindeer farm, where visitors can take a sled-led reindeer safari, the Ranua Zoo, home to baby polar bears, moose and wolverines, and the Arktikum, a science center where the mystery of the northern lights is revealed.