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57 Fun & Interesting Facts About Luxembourg

57 Fun & Interesting Facts About Luxembourg

Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a landlocked country in Western Europe. Per capita, it is the richest

Per capita, it is the richest country in the European Union as well as being one of its smallest.

Here Are 57 Fun and Interesting Facts About Luxembourg:

1 The capital city of this country is Luxembourg City with a population of approximately 90,000. Nearly one-third of the city’s surface is shaped by beautifully landscaped green spaces; this might be the reason why the city is frequently referred to as the green heart of Europe.

2 The capital’s most magnificent and remarkable architectural wonder is the Notre Dame Cathedral. This Gothic-style church contains numerous marvelous elements and adornments of the Renaissance era.

Palais Grand-Ducal

3 Palais Grand-Ducal is the most elegant area in the city. Constructed between 1572 and 1574, it was once the residence of the Grand Ducal family. After rigorous renovations were completed in the 1990s, portions of the palace were opened to the public. Every year on Christmas Eve, the duke broadcasts his inspirational Christmas message from the palace’s yellow room.

4 The capital was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994.


5 A population of 588,000 people lives in this country with 44.5 percent of foreign nationality and 55.5 percent Luxembourgers and female population – 50.2 percent and male population – 49.8 percent.

6 This country covers 2,586 square kilometers of land, making it the 27th in EU and 180th largest nation in the world, in terms of land area.

7 It shares international borders with Germany to the east, Belgium to the north and west, and France to the south.

Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

8  He was born 16 April 1955 and is the eldest son of Princess Joséphine-Charlotte and Grand Duke Jean of Belgium. He was born at his parent’s residence Betzdorf Castle. The Prince is also the first cousin of Philippe, the king of the Belgians.

9 He was trained as an officer at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in the UK and also holds a degree in political sciences from the University of Geneva.

10 On 14 February 1981, he married Maria Teresa Mestre. The couple has five children. On 7 October 2000, following the abdication of his father, he acceded as grand duke of Luxembourg.

Prince Guillaume

Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg,
Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg,

11 Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, has been first-in-line to the throne when his father ascended the throne. In October 2012, he married the Belgian Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy.

Princess Claire

Princess Claire of Luxembourg 
Princess Claire of Luxembourg

12 Princess Claire of Luxembourg is married to Prince Felix, the 2nd son of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. In 2014, Claire and Prince Felix welcomed their 1st child, Princess Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa of Nassau.

Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg

Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg
Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg

13 He was born 16 April 1992 at the Maternity Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in Luxembourg and is the 5th and youngest child of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henri. On 4 September 2017, Prince Sébastien took the oath as an officer of the Luxembourg Army.

Constitutional Monarchy

14 The country is a Constitutional Monarchy. The legal system is influenced by French practice. Under the current constitution, executive power is in the hands of the cabinet (that consists of several other ministers) and the Governor. The Parliament is made up of 60 Members of Parliament who are elected for a five-year term.

Prime Minister

Xavier Bettel - Luxembourg's prime minister
Xavier Bettel – Luxembourg’s prime minister

15 Xavier Bettel is a lawyer and politician who is serving as the 22nd Prime Minister of Luxembourg. Xavier Bettel married Gauthier Destenay, a Belgian architect. He is to the first EU leader who married someone of the same sex. Their wedding came just several months after Luxembourg legalized same-sex marriage.

National Flag

Flag of Luxembourg
Flag of Luxembourg

16 The flag consists of 3 horizontal stripes, red, white and blue, and can be in 3:5 or 1:2 ratio. Furthermore, the colors of the flag were first adopted around 1830.


17 The currency is the Euro (EUR).

18 This country joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949 and also has a small volunteer army.

19 When the European Union was created in 1993, the country assumed an active role.

Official Language

20 Luxembourgish is the national official language of this country, although French and German are also considered administrative languages.


21 Luxembourg Time is in the Central European Standard Time (CET) which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1).

22 The country’s only domestic source of power is the hydroelectricity that is obtained from several dams on its rivers. However, it is not sufficient to provide the required electricity to cover the present national demand.

23 It has a mild climate with considerable precipitation. Warm weather can usually be expected from May to September.

24 The most decisive influence on the nation’s cultural traditions is its location between the Germanic and French culture realms.


25 The majority of the population belong to Catholic Church (96.9 percent). Nevertheless, there are also other religions practiced, like – Protestants or jews.

26 The tourism in this small country is a crucial component of the national economy, representing about 8.3 percent of GDP with Parc Merveilleux, Bettembourg being the most visited national tourist attractions.

Luxembourg Maps, History, Geography, Culture, Government, Facts
Luxembourg bridge

27 The dialing code is 352.

Gross Domestic Product

28 The GDP – Gross Domestic Product was worth 57.79 billion US dollars in 2015. About 1/3 of GDP is spent on social welfare programs, like free health care. The minimum wage is 1922.96 EUR per month. In the first quarter of 2018,  the Gross Domestic Product figure was.around $17,710 million.

29 Its cuisine is said to combine the heartiness of German food with the finesse of French cooking. Specific foods include Judd matt Gaardebou`nen, pike in Riesling sauce, Thuringer, friture de la Moselle, or Luxembourg ham.

30 National Day is celebrated on June 23rd and the national animal is a red lion.

Life Expectancy

31 Life expectancy at birth is 82.3 years. In comparison with other countries of the EU, it is in the top group in terms of life expectancy.

32 There are 1300 police soldiers and 2 police stations in this country.

33 It is one of the safest in the world according to reports. However, when it comes to homicides, the capital is the 3rd most dangerous capital in Europe ranking behind Vilnius and Tallinn.

American Cemetery

Luxembourg American Cemetery
Luxembourg American Cemetery

34 It can be found 2.5 kilometers southwest of Luxembourg Airport. It is surrounded by 33.5 acres of wood and consists of 17 acres of manicured lawn. The cemetery is the resting place of 5 076 American soldiers who fell during World War II.

35 In February 2008, the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies adopted a law which made euthanasia (the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve suffering and pain) and assisted suicide (allows a dying individual the choice to control their death if they decide their pain and suffering is unbearable) legal.

36 It is the most important private banking center in the European Union and the world’s 2nd largest investment fund center.

37 The number of banks in this country was 144 (41 are branches of foreign banks) in March 2016.

Tax Rate

38 All taxpayers must make an annual tax declaration to the relevant tax office. Residents in this country are taxable on their income up to a maximum rate of 42 percent. The first £11,000 is tax-free if the annual income is below £100,000.

39 Teachers in this country earn the highest (starting salary is an average of 74,800 euros) out of all the countries that are a part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.


University of Luxembourg - Université du Luxembourg
The University of Luxembourg – Université du Luxembourg

40 The University of Luxembourg is the only public university in this tiny country and it was founded on August 13th, 2003. It offers a unique combination of national relevance and international excellence, delivering knowledge for businesses and society. It is focused on ICT and computational sciences, European law, educational sciences, systems biomedicine, and finance.

41 It is close to Luxembourg’s financial center and to the European institutions. There are 3 faculties:

  • Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education;
  • Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance;
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, and Communication.


Luxembourg Airport
Luxembourg Airport

42 It is located 3.25 NM (6.02 kilometers) east of Luxembourg City. The airport prides itself on having over 3.7 million passengers every year, 15 different airlines, 76 direct flight destinations, 7,400 parking spaces, and 938.000 tonnes of cargo. In 2010, by cargo tonnage, the airport is ranked as Europe’s 5th-busiest and the world’s 28th-busiest.

43 There is an average of 26 trains per day between Luxembourg and Paris. The 1st train leaving Paris is at 06:40, the last at 21:40. The average travel time between Paris and Luxembourg is 3 hours and 3 minutes.

The Healthcare System

44 Under Luxembourg’s health insurance system, all citizens have the right to choose their own specialist, doctor, and hospital. However, there are no private hospitals in this country.

45 All self-employed workers and employees in Luxembourg need to make social security contributions. Students are covered until age 27. and children are covered under their parents.

46 In order to acquire a residence permit, unemployed foreigners who reside in the country, require to show evidence of health insurance.

Stock Exchange

47 The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is based in Luxembourg City at 35A boulevard Joseph II. LuxSE is a world-class player offering over 45,000 securities.

Art Prize

48 The Luxembourg Art Prize is an annual international prize that is organized by the Pinacothèque of Luxembourg. In 2017, the winner of the 2017 Luxembourg Art Prize is Jarik Jongman, an artist who graduate of the Arnhem Academy of Art in the Netherlands.


49 The Luxembourg Army is the national military force of Luxembourg. It has been an all-volunteer force since 1967.

Castle of Vianden

Castle of Vianden
Castle of Vianden

50 It was built between the 11th and 14th Century on the foundations of a Carolingian refuge and a Roman castle. Vianden is one of the largest fortified castles west of the Rhine (a European river which starts in the Swiss canton of Graubünden). With over 201,000 tourists every year, it is the most visited monument of the Grand Duchy.

Cost of Living

51 Cost of living in Luxembourg is around 25 percent higher than in the US. According to the data, a single adult monthly costs are 955.41 euros (1,112.66 US dollars) without rent.  Rent is about 107 percent higher than in Germany. Cell phone with mobile internet costs approximately 25 euros per month.

52 It has 2 Olympic medallist- Joseph Alzin (1920) and Josy Barthel (1952).

Michel Theato

53 He is the winner of the marathon at the 1900 Olympics in Paris for France.

54 Football is the most popular sport in the country. The national team is overseen by the Federation Luxembourgeoise de Football and is nicknamed d’Leiwen (“The Lions”).

Marc Oberweis

55 Marc Oberweis is a Luxembourgian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Jeunesse Esch in Luxembourg’s domestic National Division.

Guy Blaise

56 He is a Luxembourg football player who plays for Excelsior Virton in Belgium

57  The national motto is ”Mir wëlle bleiwe, war mir sin,” which translates as “We want to remain what we are.”



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