Here are the top interesting facts, points of interest, and things to do in Singapore:

#1 This country actually includes as many as 63 offshore islands which surround the main island. It was previously known as ”Temasek” before the 14th century, that literally translates as “Sea Town” from the Javanese language.

#2  The 1st people arrived in these lands in the second century A.D. In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles of the British East India Trading Company acquired the island and turned it into an important trading port.

#3 It doesn’t have a capital and is one of only 3 surviving city-states in the world. The other 2 city-states are the Vatican City and Monaco. Furthermore, it is the 20th smallest and the 6th wealthiest country in the world.

#4 It was called Singapura by a Sumatran Prince after he thought he saw a lion on the island, and it translates as Lion City in Sanskrit.

#5 It has four official languages, including – Chinese, English, Tamil, and Malay. The largest religion in this city-state is Buddhism, at about 43 percent of the population. The majority are Mahayana Buddhists (the main Mahayana sects include Zen and Vajrayana Buddhism), however, Theravada Buddhism also has numerous practitioners.

#6 It is the 3rd-most densely populated country in the world, following Macau (an autonomous region on the south coast of China) and Monaco (at 18,500 persons per square km, Monaco is the most densely populated sovereign nation in the world).

#7 Lee Kwan Yew, the first prime minister of this country, died in March 2015 at age 91. Tens of thousands of mourners turned out to pay their respects. He is recognized as the nation’s founding father, and under his leadership, Singapore transitioned from the “3rd world to 1st world country in a single generation.”

#8 Tuas Desalination Plant, built at a cost of $217 million, provides 30 million gallons of water daily which is about 10 percent of the national demand.

#9 To control the use of personal transport (to avoid pollution and congestion), the people who want to purchase a car have to pay for duties 150 percent more the vehicle’s market value as well as they have to bid for a COE – Singaporean Certificate of Entitlement, that allows the car to run on the road for 10 years.

National flag

#10 The 5 stars in the national flag symbolizes the ideals of peace, democracy, justice, progress, and equality. Moreover, the crescent moon symbolizes a young nation on the rise, and the white color symbolizes virtue and purity while the red color represents brotherhood.

#11 Its banking system is considered to be among the strongest in the world. For instance, it has the 4th largest foreign exchange market in the world after New York, London, and Tokyo.things to do in singapore

#12 Elevators in this country have Urine Detection Device. These can actually detect the smell of urine which sets off an alarm, shuts the elevator doors and waits until the authorities arrive to spot of the incident.

#13 Changi Airport has been classified as the ”Best Airport Worldwide.” On July 1, 1981, it became operational and was officially opened 5 months later on December 29.

#14 The locals take toilet cleanliness seriously. In fact, the World Toilet Organization was set up in this country. Interestingly, you can be fined up to 500 US dollars for not flushing after you use the toilet.

#15 Kallang River is the longest river on this island and has an approximately 10km length from Marina Barrage area way up to Lower Pierce Reservoir. The name of the river had appeared as early as 1835, in a map drawn by an Irish architect, named – George Dromgold Coleman.

#16 The highest point in this country, with a height of 538 feet (165 meters), is Bukit Timah Hill, and it is made up of igneous rock, granite.

#17 The National Day is celebrated on August 9 and celebrates the independence from Malaysia in the year 1965.

#18 The entire lyrics of the national anthem are printed on the back of the $1,000 note.

#19 It has the highest percentage of millionaires in the world. For example, it is home to 28 billionaires and over 142,000 millionaires.

#20 Singapore Botanic Garden is the only tropical garden in the world to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most popular park in this country, with more than four million people visiting per year. Moreover, the largest tropical orchid garden in the world is found inhere.Singapore Botanic Garden

#21 In this country you can find the world’s biggest bat, better known as the flying fox. It has a wingspan of about 1,5 meters and can be found on one of the islands off mainland Singapore. In addition, this bat has long, pointed ears and no clearly visible tail.

#22 The national flower is the orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim, that is in blossom the year-round.

#23 Singapore Kindness Movement wants to encourage everyone to start show and share kindness.

#24 With a capacity to hold 784 people, Singapore Flyer (measures 165 meters in height) is considered to be one of the principal tourist attractions in this country. The Flyer’s 28 air-conditioned capsules are placed outboard of the rim of the wheel structure, providing continuously unobstructed views.Singapore Flyer interesting facts

#25 The Marina Bay Sands is situated within 10 minutes walk to the city center and features a tour desk, an amazing golf course, and an outdoor pool. According to, the Marina Bay Sands has a revenue of $703 million in the last quarter of 2015, which is about 1.5-2 percent GDP.Singapore Marina Bay Sands

#26 On June 30, 2014, the National Stadium opened its doors, replacing the former National Stadium at the same site, that was closed in 2007 and demolished in 2010. The National Stadium has a state of the art bowl cooling system, where a cool air of 23 degrees is pumped from underneath all seats, using less than 15 percent of the energy needed for normal air-conditioned stadiums.

#27 The Japanese Cemetery Park, built in 1891, consisting of 910 tombstones, is the largest Japanese cemetery in Southeast Asia at 29,359 square meters.


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