Here Are 20 Fun And Interesting Things To Do In Berkeley:

#1 Tilden Regional Park

It has about 40 miles of hiking and multi-use trails of different difficulty, from hilly scrambles to paved paths. Tilden Regional Park has been named the jewel of the system, and its recreational activities have become a regular tradition for generations of East Bay teenagers and youngsters.

It was named in honor of Charles Lee Tilden, a Bay Area businessman and attorney who served on the 1st Board of Directors of the East Bay Regional Park District.

#2 Sather Tower

Standing at more than 93 meters, the tower was built in 1914 and is the world’s 3rd tallest clock and bell tower.

#3 Berkeley Visitor Information Center

It is located at 2030 Addison St., suite 102, one block north of the Downtown Berkeley BART Station. Visitor Information Center is your go-to resource for where to stay and dine, what to do, and how to get around town.

#4 Telegraph Avenue

It is a remarkable street which begins, at its southernmost point, in the historic downtown district of Oakland, and ends, at its northernmost point, at the southern edge of the University of California campus in Berkeley, CA. Telegraph Avenue is nearly 7 km (4.5 miles) in length.

#5 Blake Garden

The Blake Garden is a secret gem up in the Berkeley Hills that few people know about. This fantastic garden is home to over 50 bird species, approximately 1500 plant species, as well as frogs, raccoons, foxes, and the occasional salamander. Note – well behaved leashed dogs are welcome in the Blake Garden. However, owners must clean up after their dogs.

#6 Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak is located just behind the Berkeley campus of the University of California, and it was named after a California grizzly bear which lived in the area until the late 19th century.

#7 Berkeley Rose Garden

With 3,000 rose bushes including 250 varieties, Berkeley Rose garden is a dazzling spectacle of beauty and color.

#8 Lake Anza

It was formed by the construction of the C L Tilden Park Dam in 1938. Lake Anza was named in honor of Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza by the East Bay Regional Park Board. You can spend many hours walking around the lake, sitting and meditating on the beauty or looking at the beautiful nature.

#9 Habitot Children’s Museum

It was founded by educators and parents 18 years ago to meet the unique interests and needs of toddlers, infants, and preschoolers in an appropriate and safe community setting. Note – Habitot Children’s Museum have very limited open hours, thus, check before going.

#10 Cesar Chavez Park

Cesar Chaves Park can be found on the peninsula on the north side of the San Francisco Bay (the Berkeley Marina) and is very close to Eastshore State Park. Note – the park recommends against feeding the squirrels in the park; nevertheless, few visitors follow these rules.

#11 Codornices Park

It offers various recreational opportunities in a beautiful hillside setting. Grab a seat on one of the benches along the way or bring a book and relax by the falls.

#12 Botanical Garden

Founded in 1890, it is an exceptional collection of more than 13,000 plants from almost every continent.

#13 Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park is found just east of the Eastshore Freeway between University and Ashby Avenues. It provides a wide range of recreational opportunities, including boating, bird-watching, the “Dream Land for Kids” play area, hiking, as well as a habitat for aquatic life.

#14 Indian Rock Park

Established in 1917, this rugged 1.18 acre park is 3 blocks above the commerce of Solano Avenue. Indian Rock Park serves both serious mountain climbers and relaxed visitors as a refuge where one can savor nature and test one’s strength.

#15 Lawrence Hall of Science

UC Berkeley’s public science center provides kids, parents, and educators the opportunity to engage with science.

#16 California Memorial Stadium

California Memorial Stadium is the home field for the University of California Golden Bears of the Pac-12 Conference. California Memorial Stadium is located on the Hayward Fault, that passes directly under the playing field.

#17 University Herbarium

It is the oldest museum facility on the university campus. University Herbarium contains an extensive cryptogamic library as well as archives of numerous important botanists in the western part of North America.

#18 Golden Gate Fields

It is Northern California’s premier destination for horse racing. Golden Gate Fields is located right along the San Francisco Bay in Berkeley, and fans are treated to some of the best sounds and sights in the world.

#19 Berkeley Art Museum

The museum is affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley and has many rotating exhibits in addition to its own collection of more than 14,000 pieces.

#20 Monterey Market

It is an independent produce and grocery store. Monterey Market was begun in 1961 by Mary and Tom Fujimoto. Here you can find great fruits and veggies at fantastic prices. Note – parking can be tight, hence, you may need to walk here most visits.


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